10 Pieces Of YouTube Jewellery To Help You Accessorise Like A Pro

21 September 2015, 13:15 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Sometimes in life you find yourself in a bit of an Internet spiral and end up in some weird places. This happened to us recently when we discovered the world of YouTube jewellery. Yup, if you pay actual money then you can receive everything from Zoella bracelets to Dan and Phil earrings and Troye Sivan necklaces. Because a statement necklace featuring Glozell is the ultimate in professional accessory.

We've found this season's hottest YouTube accessories to help you own the office/school fashion scene.

Prepare to spend cold, hard cash.

This Zoella bracelet also acts as a reminder to always say "yes"

Zoella bracelet


Or, if Alfie is your fave, go for this stylish number.

Alfie Deyes Bracelet


Moving on from bracelets, why not wear a mini Tyler Oakley round your neck?

Tyler Oakley necklace



Or this squishy looking Game Grumps necklace will go with absolutely everything.



Mark Piler fans, don't panic, we haven't left you lucky people out.



Like you need another pair of Zalfie earrings...




Put one of these Dan and Phil rings on your wedding finger and pretend you're engaged to them




We admit it, this Carrie Hope Fletcher bracelet is all kinds of cute.




And this YouTuber charm bracelet will become an heirloom, for sure. 



Finally, we've saved the best to last with this blinder of a PewDiePie bro fist pendant. Just wow.