Here's What YouTube Spaces Look Like Around The World

13 October 2015, 11:15 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

So many cameras!

If you don't know about YouTube spaces, here's the deal: they're essentially YouTube's HQs around the world and only creators with a certain number of subscribers can use it (the London space requires you to have at least 5,000 subscribers whereas you'll need 10k to use the LA one). Inside said spaces are a multitude of delights including endless filming equipment, talks and workshops about how to progress your channel and editing suites. Essentially, if you have a YouTube channel then it's like being a kid in a candy store.

But even if you haven't got a YouTube presence, the global YouTube spaces are fascinating with each one completely different in terms of aesthetic. Luckily for us, vlogging is a thing and there's a bunch of YouTubers who have willingly taken us inside the YouTube doors and behind the scenes.

So, let's have a peek inside...

YouTube Space London

Simon takes us along to a day event about "being a better YouTuber". At YouTube's London Space, Simon lets us in on top tips, shows us some of the ready made sets and even what the free food looks like (most important bit). He also bumps into a load of familiar faces including Gary C and Hannah Witton.


YouTube Space LA

If you can get over the slightly cheesy presenting style, this video is a geek's dream. From editing suites which allow you to collab with someone across the globe to where they sometimes record the MTV Unplugged sessions. It's enough to make us want to book a ticket out of here...


YouTube Space New York

We don't want to speak too soon but we reckon this might be the coolest YouTube Space out there. Described by vlogger Dexter as "A small ass Hollywood movie studio", we couldn't agree more. In the New York Space there's sets which are off limits unless you reach a certain subscriber number... Which makes us want in even more!


YouTube Space Tokyo

ItsJudysLife and her husband take us on a journey to Japan to check out the incredible Space in Tokyo and film several collab videos on the in-house sets. Two words that sum up why you need to watch this video: the view.


YouTube Space Berlin

OK, any place that has a set designed to be a bar scene gets a thumbs up from us.


YouTube Space Sĺo Paulo

Sadly, we don't speak the language but we can appreciate a good tour when we see it. We never thought we'd say this but... lighting goals!


YouTube Space Paris

Another one where we don't speak the language but we did a bit of Google translating and our French vlogger tells us he wasn't allowed to film the editing suites but did get some great footage anyway. Said great footage includes a glitter bomb and a giant McDonalds at the end...


YouTube Space Mumbai

India's YouTube Space is yet to open but YouTube have produced this preview of what is to come...