The ULTIMATE YouTuber Book Guide

24 November 2015, 12:43 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Stuck for what to give this Christmas? We've got it sorted!

Let's be honest, there are so many YouTuber books around that you have zero clue which ones are any good any more. Is Girl Online worth reading despite the ghostwriting scandal? Which has better life advice- Love, Tanya or The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force?

To help you choose which books make your Christmas list and which ones to buy for others, we've compiled a list of some of our favourites and exactly who you should buy them for. Simple!

For your younger sibling/cousin etc

The books we've picked out will have your younger family members and friends spinning in delight this Christmas.

The Vloggers Yearbook, Ł4

YouTube book

We were lucky enough to be sent a copy of this at Unicorns HQ and it's a very sweet read. Like the Beano annuals we got as a kid (we're old- sorry!), this is a traditional hardback book filled with fun facts and activities involving your favourite vloggers. If you know someone just getting into YouTube, this is a great buy.


Stampy's Lovely Book, Ł3.85

Stampy Cat

We recently had a chance to interview the creator of Stampy - Joseph Garratt- and he told us all about his book and the future of YouTube. If you've got a family member aged between 6-10 and who has been following Stampy's adventures then this book is an absolutely must-fave.


The Zoella Generation Colouring Book, Ł3.99

Zoella Colouring Book

We've included this in the section for younger friends and family but the truth is that we own this and love it. 2015s biggest trend has been the resurgence of colouring in- it's super relaxing, don't you know- and this girly book will keep Zoella fans busy for hours!


For Your Brother/Boyfriend

Before you @ us about the books below being unisex, we know that- we encourage people to be who they want to be and read what they want to read - we just thought the men in your life might appreciate this selection...

This Book Loves You, Ł6

This Book Loves You

The first book from YouTube's biggest star, PewDiePie, we absolutely loved flicking through this book filled with silly illustrations and incredible life advice. Want to know more? Check out our video with the man himself here.


Art Is Dead, Ł6.99

Art Is Dead

One of our all time favourite YouTubers, TomSka, has released his own book with illustrations by Matt Ley. Art Is Dead is a book quite like no other and documents characters from Tom's films getting into all sorts of weird situations.


For Your Big Sister

Want to apologise for stealing her clothes all the time or posting those ugly selfies of her and refusing to take them down? We've got your back!

Grace's Guide: The Art Of Pretending To Be A Grown-Up, Ł9.09

Grace's Guide

Grace Helbig's book details some Very Important Life Lessons that will see you - or whoever you choose to give this book to - survive life in 2016 and beyond. From how to feel better after downing one too many shots to all things love, Grace shares the wisdom she's gained over the years. There's also a brand new Grace Helbig book being released in 2016- ask someone to pre order it for you as a belated gift!


All I Know Now, Ł7

Carrie Hope Fletcher

Carrie Hope Fletcher may only be 23 but she's one of the wisest YouTubers around. In this book, Carrie details her thoughts on everything from bullying to body image and the scary future. Plus point" buy your sister this and borrow it from her afterwards!


For Beauty Lovers

Whether it's your mum, gran, best friend or teacher, a beauty book is a visual delight. We've picked our three favourites to gift this Christmas.

The Glam Guide, Ł8

Glam Guide

One of our favourite books of the year, Fleur De Force's debut lifestyle guide is an absolute beauty. Suitable for any age, this book offers brilliant advice for all areas of life including skincare, make-up and fashion. And the photographs and illustrations are stunning!


Love, Tanya - Ł7

Love Tanya

If you've got a younger sibling/friend who loves beauty, Tanya's first book is a great gift. The beauty section is perfect for those just getting into make-up and skincare and it includes lots of brilliant expert tips. Side note: there's also a baking section which makes us DROOL!


Lauren Luke- Look Like A Star, Ł2.21 (used)

Lauren Luke

What a throwback! This was the original YouTuber book and it's still one of our favourites. For those of you who don't know, Lauren Luke was one of the first make-up sensations on YouTube, having started her channel in 2007. By 2009, she'd made countless headlines and appeared on TV which led to her first book being released. The self titled tutorial book is filled with every look you can imagine and we've reached for it over and over. If you can get your hands on this, it's a beauty lovers' dream!


For You!

We couldn't leave you out of this, we know there's a bunch of books you're dying to get your hands on. We've done our research and here's the five books we reckon should be top of your list!

Binge, Ł7

Tyler Oakley Binge

Whether you're a huge Tyler Oakley fan or not, the YouTube star's first book is gripping from start to end. Detailing his life so far and covering juicy topics including romance and sex, Binge will have you hooked from the very first page.


This Amazing Book Is Not On Fire, Ł8


Because we know a lot of our readers love Dan and Phil...


Girl Online: On Tour, Ł6

Girl Online On Tour

If you've already read Zoe Sugg's first novel, Girl Online, then you're absolutely going to want to get your hands on the follow up. If you're someone who gets bored in the gap between Christmas and New Year, this is a great easy read to keep you busy.


Selp Helf, Ł7

Selp Helf

Everyone needs Miranda Sings' life advice. Especially you. Buy the book. Live the life. Be the best lipslick wearing person you can be.


Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter, Ł6.50

Life with a sprinkle of glitter

Our favourite YouTuber book of the year (major statement!), Louise Pentland's lifestyle guide is a must have for everyone. Featuring chapters on crafts, love and "anti baking", this book is like dipping in and out of a treasure trove and no two reading sessions are the same. Plus, it's pretty AF!


And that's a wrap! Which books will you be gifting this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.