13 Pieces Of YouTube Merch To Spend Your Christmas Money On

4 January 2016, 14:28 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Prepare to be broke!

You've raided the Lush sale, you've spent all your Topshop vouchers and now you've got spare Christmas dollar leftover and it's burning a huge hole in your pocket. So, what do you spend it on? Surely you shouldn't save it... Who even does that?!

Luckily for you, we've got the best pieces of YouTuber merch to help you become both broke and the ultimate fangirl. Enjoy!

Oil White's Cactus Boy Hoodie

Oil White YouTube

Being warm is a basic human right so exercise that right and buy Oli's fetching hoodie right here for a mere Ł29.


Phan Tote Bag

Phan Dan and Phil

We have no words apart from the fact you can buy it here for just over Ł15.


Markiplier Warfstache T-shirt

Markiplier t-shirt

If you haven't got one of these babies yet, hand over $20 and prefer to experience eternal happiness.


Charlie The Unicorn Bow Tie

Charlie the unicorn

First thing's first (we're the realest- lol), bow ties need to make a MAJOR come back. Secondly, if Charlie The Unicorn is still your fave video of all time then show you love with the ultimate accessory.


YouTube SHOES!

YouTube shoes

These canvas shoes are custom made and we never realised it until now but we NEED shoes with Sprinkle of Glitter on them. You can pick these up from this awesome seller on Etsy for Ł69.


Snuggle Up In Bed With Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg merchandise

Thanks to this duvet cover, of course. Ł50 for endless nights with Joe Sugg? Hell yeah!


VelvetGh0st Phone Case

Gabriella Lindley phone case

We all need a new phone case or seven and Gabriella Lindley has designed this cute AF doughnut one. Get it here for Ł12.


JackSepticEye Laptop Case

Jack Septic Eye

Laptop cases might not be the sexiest thing to spend your cash on... Until now. Thanks to the folk at Redbubble, you can show your love for Jack and keep your precious laptop safe at the same time. Two for one, baby!


Have A Cup Of Tyler Oakley

Tyler oakley merchandise

Who doesn't dream of drinking their morning coffee/milkshake/gin out of a cup with Tyler's face on? And it's less than a tenner!


Sprinkle Of Glitter 2016 Diary

Sprinkle of glitter diary

It's not too late to grab Louise's gorgeous 2016 diary, it's filled with beautiful photos and motivational words to help you own this year!


Zoe Sugg Phone Case

Zoella phone case

Like we said, there's always room in our lives for a phone case and this Zoella one is everything we need and then some. Got a Ł18.34? Here's where to spend it.


Fleur De Force lipgloss

Fleur de force

Fleur's range of beauty products is seriously amazing. From the lashes with Eyelure to the make-up bag and eyeshadows, we can't get enough. But our favourite product of Fleur's has to be her lipglosses- super pigmented, these beauties are like a liquid lipstick. If we had to pick our number one shade, we'd go for Starry Starry Night.


Evan Edinger Tank Top

Evan edinger merch

Evan = punniest man alive. Therefore, spend your Christmas cash on this HILARIOUS t-shirt from the man himself.


Let us know what you'll be buying in the comments below.