YouTuber Names You've Been Mispronouncing This Whole Time

20 April 2017, 13:11 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47


By Benedict Townsend

You've heard of these YouTubers - but how the heck do you actually pronounce their wacky names? We're talking usernames here, not given names; we're pretty sure you know how to pronounce 'Mark'. Take a look at the list below to make sure your knowledge checks out!

Casey Neistat

Case-y Neye-stat. That's right, 'Neistat' is pronounced like 'eye', not like 'ay'.


'Kay Ess Eye Oww laa Jee Day Bee Tee'. It's a combo of a gaming community 'KSI', his first name 'Olajide' and BT, which is British Telecom, a UK telecommunications company.


It's pronounced 'Mark-Eh-Pl-yer'. This may be obvious to fans, but we've lost count of all the wacky pronunctaions we've heard of the years, like 'Mark-eh-pleeer'.

Markiplier's real name is Mark Edward Fischbach. Fischbach is pronounced 'Fish-bahk', not 'Fish-back. The difference is in the way you pronounced the 'a'. It is pronounced like the 'a' in 'are', not like the 'a' in 'back'.

Marzia Bisognin

Martsya Biz - ohh -nyin.

The Z in Marzia is soft like an 's', not hard like a 'z'. You also add a kind of hidden 't' sound after the 'r'.

The 'bis' in her surname is pronounced like 'business', not like 'bee'. The latter half of the name is somewhat tricky to explain in writing because the sound that the 'gn' makes doesn't really exist in English. You basically ignore the G and replace it with a very soft sound, which is like an 'n' fading into a 'y' then back into an 'n'. Bis - ohh -nyin.



It's Nee-ga Hee-ga. And nothing else...



Shh-moe-yo-ho. As they often sing in their videos, the accent is on the 'yo', meaning that is the part of the name that you put emphasis on. So it's 'shh-moe-YO-ho', not 'shh-mo-yo-HO'.



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