If You Like These YouTubers, You'll LOVE These Podcasts

10 February 2017, 19:40 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Time to take you into the deep world of podcasting based on your YouTube faves!

Podcasts are a bit like if vlogging and radio had a baby. usually regular series, often independently made, and sooooo much variety. So if you haven't gotten into podcasts yet, it can seem quite intimidating to find something you know you'll like.

But luckily we're here to help; as always, through the medium of your YouTube faves. Plenty of YouTuber podcasts exist; but we'r going to go a little bit further. We've matched up just a few YouTubers to other podcasts we know and love; and know that you'll love to.

Scroll on to find your new favourite podcast...


If you like: Louise Pentland

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Louise has taken an exciting turn in her content as of late; relationships and all things womanhood have become her speciality as she has ditched the "Sprinkle of Glitter" moniker for a much more candid style.


Then you'll love: Reality Bytes With Stephanie Beatriz & Courtney Kocak

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You might recognise Stephanie Beatriz as silent but deadly cop Rosa Diaz from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"; but in reality, she's an adorable ball full of energy and candid stories about her love life.

Together with fellow acting pal Courtney Kocak and usually with some surprising special guests (including YouTubers!), Stephanie sits down for an hour of chat about sex, love and dating in the digital age. And if you're struggling to get into the audio-only aspect of podcasts, then don't worry; they also film the whole thing as a weekly video series!



If you like: Dan & Phil

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The best bit about watching D&P; is probably their dynamic, right? More than anything it's just fun to watch them interact and joke around with each other. And their humour, while a bit on the "lolzrandom" side, is never offensive. Basically, they're just good good boys who are fun to watch.


Then you'll love: My Brother, My Brother And Me

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MBMBaM is literally my all-time favourite podcast, so it feels weird assigning it to any YouTuber; but truthfully, the McElroy Brothers' main gig is definitely your next step after Phan.

Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy's weekly advice podcast is less advice, and more of an hour of improvisational goofing that leaves you laughing literally days later. Their brand of humour is absurd, inoffensive, and full of references; but you always feel like you're in on the joke. There are over 300 episodes, so it feels intimidating; but honestly, you can jump in anywhere and you'll understand the format immediately.


If you like: Brizzy Voices

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Brizzy is a big fan of a lot of things; chiefly among them the ever-expanding world of "Harry Potter". She balances her fandom with a healthy dose of perspective as another woman on the internet, and isn't afraid to deliver a bit of sass.


Then you'll love: Witch, Please


Ever wanted someone to give you a thorough breakdown and analysis of the entire "Harry Potter" series of works; but also make it funny? Then look no further. Scholars Marcelle and Hannah are two Canadian witches who post a fortnightly podcast going through the whole Potter canon; starting with the books, moving on to the movies, and everything in between.





If you like: Casey Neistat

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Here's the thing about Casey: Everyone watches him, and is proud to say they watch him. Heck, we enjoy his stuff too. But is he just the vlogger that's cool to like, or is he genuinely out here inspiring others and changing lives? Or both? Truthfully, both of these things are fine.


Then you'll love: Radiolab


"Radiolab" is a very interesting and thought-provoking production; but at the same time, it's the podcast everybody wants you to know they're a fan of so that they look smart.

Intellectually stimulating stories, case studies and anecdotes make up each episode. The upload date is not that consistent, and neither is the length of each episode; but the topic of conversation is always guaranteed to keep you guessing. Plus it's full of nice music, so even if you just have it on as background noise to show your friends that you're "cultured", it's still enjoyable.



If you like: KickthePJ

PJ's world is not like our own; from his surreal vlogs to his series "Oscar's Hotel", PJ presents everything he touches on the internet in a whimsical, otherworldy way. Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's sinister, but all the time, it's fascinating.


Then you'll love: Welcome To Night Vale


If you haven't gotten on the hype of this podcast yet, shame on you. It's been literally years. The Tumblr fandom has already died out.

Like PJ's whole existence, "Night Vale" takes place in a world much like our own, but not quite enough. Twice a month, radio host Cecil Baldwin takes you through the narrative of the goings-on in the mysterious and unsettling desert town of Night Vale. There's secret police. There are Eldritch-esque horrors beyond our imagination. There are dogs. Also music! Get this series in your life right now.



Want some more podcast recommendations? Let us know your favourite YouTubers and we'll match them up!