Here Are FREE YouTuber Valentine's Cards You Can Print Out And Send To Your Bae!

1 February 2016, 16:00 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Get them right here!

The season of luv is fast-approaching and as a special, love-tastic gift just for you,  we’ve brought you an early Valentine's present. Here are some free Valentine's christmas cards that you can print out and give to your bae. Behold, peeps:


How To Print The Cards

  • Right click the card you want (here in this article)
  • Click ‘save image as’
  • Save the image
  • The image is now on your computer!
  • And now you can print it!
  • :)

Please note: the cards may seem smaller than usual on this page, but that’s just because our website makes them look smaller so they fit on the page. When you save them to your computer, they will magically be full-sized!


1. Miranda Promises You A Forceful Kind Of Love

For that special someone you DON'T want to back off.


card miranda new_edited-1


2. Joe Sugg Wishes You Love

Bless you, young love angel.


joe sugg card_edited-1


3. PewDiePie is CupidPie

Let the spirit of the season punch you directly in the face.


card pewds


4. Zoe Wishes You As Much Love As Her Brother Does

But with my purchasin' involved.


zoella card



5. Jack Has A Message For Ya

I'll never let go, Jack.


JACK CARD_edited-1



6. This Card Is Phandemonium

Ladders EP.


dan and phil cards