6 YouTubers Who Are Flying The Flag For Bi Visibility Day

23 September 2016, 12:37 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Through Tweets, videos and confessions, here's just a few of the ways our YouTube faves are spending this Bi Visibility Day celebrating the "B" in LGBTQ+.

It's September 23rd once again, which means Bi Visibility Day has rolled back around. Last year we shared some important videos from creators surrounding a myriad of topics on bisexuality; and this year, we want to put the focus on how some of our faves are celebrating the progress they've made since. Without any further ado,  here's how just a few YouTube creators are celebrating Bi Week...

Connor Manning

Connor has been incredibly open about his bisexuality for a long time and has said almost everything he can on the subject; but in a new upload this week, shares some of the struggles and backlash he has received from friends, therapists, and even others in the LGBTQ+ community.


Dodie Clark

Nobody can deny Dodie's had a huge year; and a lot of it has included becoming not only more understanding and open about her own identity, but a source of inspiration for thousands of others. We're all really proud!


Thomas Sanders

Thomas' sexuality is still personal to him; but regardless of his identity, he still keeps it real in being a supportive ally - especially through his hilarious Vines!


Brittany Simon

There are a lot of layers to sexuality. And one that a lot of people discount, especially relating to bisexuals, is romantic attraction. Brittany breaks down her own experiences of the imbalance between bisexuality and biromanticism.



Coming out is already hard enough without the added stigmas of bisexuality; but luckily Beckii is capable of making it into some of that sweet, sweet #relatable humour.



If you're actually going to come out publicly as bisexual, then there's probably no better time than Bi Visibility Day! Smaller YouTuber Alan shares a key part of his identity with his audience in a candid and uplifting vlog.