Here Is Definitive Proof That YouTubers Evolve Like Pokémon

20 July 2016, 15:40 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

YouTuber glo-ups are literally like evolving your Charmander and you can't convince us otherwise.

The Pokémon hype train is still chugging along, two weeks after the release of exciting new app 'Pokémon GO'. In fact, the only way we can get any work done at We The Unicorns HQ is to sneak Pokémon into everything we write.

So we were having a think, and the realisation dawned on us: YouTubers are a lot like Pokémon, just because of how much they have all evolved in their time on YouTube. So we picked a handful of our favourites, gave them a type, and HERE IS THE MONSTROUS RESULT:

Dan Howell

Dan has to be a Dark type to comply with his all-black pseudo-emo aesthetic; but according to his fans he's also just a lil' bug. Also any excuse to bring this photo back, right?

Pokémon danisnotonfire



Even though she's been slowly taking over the world since 2010, Zoe's evolution hasn't stopped her from being a force of positivity and happiness amongst her audience!

Pokémon ZOELLA



Mark has only been making videos since 2012, but he's inarguably gone through a lot of phases! (Trainer Tip: to evolve Markiplier's final form, you need to level him up while holding a box of Cheez-Its).

Pokémon markiplier


Nathan Zed

Pretty much the king of glotential, Nathan's transformation within the space of about a year is both terrifyingly powerful and immensely cool.

Pokémon Nathan


Emma Blackery

Small yet scrappy, Emma is the perfect blend of Electric and Fighting types! (Also her current hair colour makes us think we're about to be Thunder Shocked any second now...)

Pokémon EMMA


Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid's gone through some of the biggest evolutions of all during her time on YouTube - and she has come out of the other side happy, healthy, and stronger than ever before!

Pokémon Ingrid


How do you think some other YouTubers have evolved since they started YouTube? What type of Pokémon would you say AmazingPhil is? We want to here the answers to these and anything else you have to say in the comments!