18 Times Zalfie Fans Couldn't Handle Courgette Boy

20 April 2016, 13:21 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

alfie deyes courgette boy

By Charleyy Hodson

What is happening to the Internet?!

We come to you today, on Wednesday the 20th of April 2016, to make an article that will forever be remembered in the hearts of Zalfie fans. Thanks to one little video and one TINY edit, the man we once knew as Alfie Deyes has now been forgotten, in place of our new overlord and Saviour of the Free Peoples... Courgette Boy.

Below, we've gathered 18 of our favourite salutes to our new King Courgette Boy from his humble and faithful followers on social media. Browse the gallery if you wish, but be warned - seeing this many courgette's will 100% make you regret ever allowing this rare meme go any further than it already has. Enjoy.


Ah yes, Courgette Boy and his faithful companion, Kale King.


Is... is this Courgette Boy dressed up as Shrek?!


To make his new rise to power official, Courgette Boy finally overthrow's Alfie's Twitter page.



We shall never forget when he did the yoga challenge... with a bunch of courgettes.


We see nothing wrong with this image.


The new line of PointlessBlog merch looks irresistible. 


He may be kissing Zoella, but he's dreaming of something else...


When he's not travelling with Kale King, Courgette Boy's bff is ofc, this Pineapple.


Finally, the truest image of Courgette Boy the internet could handle.


This is the birthing process of Courgette Boy.


This is the work of the Illuminati.



This is how the book went, right?


Even Lady Courgette was getting in on the bants.


This edit is the thing of nightmares.



Not gonna lie to you, Zoella looks good as a courgette. She has amazing posture.


The moment the Phandom and the Zalfie's come together for mutual meme-age.



I'm almost 50% certain that this isn't the original image.


Alfie's face + the single vegetable = a match made in heaven.