Here's How Zoella Celebrated Hitting 11 Million Subscribers!

17 August 2016, 16:15 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:43

zoella 11m subs

By Ella Wells

Pass us some caterpillar cake.

It doesn't seem five minutes since we were congratulating Miss Sugg on reaching the mind-blowing amount of ten million subscribers; but now she has hit 11 million and Alfie was on hand to help her celebrate with caterpillar cake and cuddles.

We've already congratulated Zoella on her huge achievement through the power of Twitter, but this cute vlog from Alfie documents the day the Most Subscribed Female YouTuber in the UK hit another milestone - and tbh, it gave us major #Zalfie feels.

The daily vlog started the same as any other with Alfie chatting to the camera and tidying the Zalfie pad, but they could both see that the Zoella channel's subscriber count was getting pretty close to that huge number, and Alfie even predicted "I think it's going to happen today." Just as Alfie had said, Zoe hit 11 million that evening and he surprised her with a classic caterpillar cake and, of course, 11 candles.

Zoella fan experience

Zoe, who is already a best-selling author, creator of a beauty range and the proud mama of a pug, became the first female in the UK to receive a Diamond Play Button last month after hitting 10 million subs in February. But already in just a few months, the beauty YouTuber has clocked another one million subscribers and she quite clearly can't believe it.

She told Alfie's vlog: "That's enough now right? It's getting too big, it's getting out of control - there's too many of us now! We could take over the world..."

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