Zoella's Old Instagram Photos Will Make You Thankful For Pop Tarts And Emo Hair

15 February 2016, 16:06 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We're heading down memory lane...

Five years ago, when Zoella signed up to Instagram, she didn't have a clue she'd become one of the UK's biggest celebrities and most followed social media stars. Zoella's Instagram has become an inspiration for literally millions of people and we recently wrote about how Zoe uses the platform to showcase her awesome sense of style.

But have you ever been bored enough to scroll all the way back? We have! And we did it before the "random man" story, FYI. If you're currently sat pondering life and wondering what's missing, it's Zoella's old Instagram photos. Trust us.

Here's our pick of the best of Zoella's Instagram that will enrich your life forever.

Nostalgic Beauty

Zoella Instagram

We remember when this collection came out at The Body Shop and we lusted after it after reading Zoe's blog review. BRB, pining for shimmery peach watermelon lipgloss.


An Old Pizza

Zoella Instagram

Showing that she's always been the Queen of Pizza, Zoe shared this baked beauty. And despite the fact we just had unlimited pizza for lunch, we'd happily eat this rn.


A Very Cute Hedgehog

Zoella Instagram

In the UK, there's a whole bunch of crazy wildlife just roaming around in our gardens including these prickly little things called hedgehogs. This image uploaded by Zoe shows a brown spiked fella eating some cat food. Thanks for this, Zoe!


Pop Tarts

Zoella Instagram

Zoella gif


Big Hair, Don't Care

Zoella Instagram

Zoella's Instagram holds some old gems, like this shot of her getting ready for a magazine photoshoot. We love how happy Zoe looks in this shot!


Queen Bey

Zoella Instagram

Zoe took to Instagram years ago to share this image of Ms Beyonce Knowles herself. These days, we can't imagine Zoe being able to hang out at a concert without being mobbed by fans!


On This Morning

Zoella Instagram

In a rare TV appearance, Zoe went on British TV show This Morning to chat all about living life with anxiety. Uploaded in 2014, Zoe hung out on set with presenters Phillip and Holly.


Twitter Goals

Zoella Instagram

Speaking of Phillip Schofield, he followed Zoe on Twitter. We couldn't be more jealous!


Her Very First Instagram Upload

Zoella Instagram

We all took this shot at one point, right?


Scene Queen

Zoella Instagram

If, like us, you followed Zoe before she even made a YouTube channel, you'll know this was her signature look. Even way back in 2011 we idolised her style!


Racking Up The Followers

Zoella Instagram

Zoe shared this snap when she reached 17,000 followers on her blog. These days, she has 10 MILLION YouTube subscribers which proves we've all got to start from somewhere!


Beauty Blogging Babes

Zoella Instagram

Zoe hung out with Meg from Lipsofacto, ViviannaDoesMakeUp and Zoe LDN at a Rimmel event in days gone by. We'd love to see Zoe at more brands events hanging out with some of our other fave beauty bloggers and vloggers!

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So, there we have it. Has this article improved your life? Which other YouTubers do you love to stalk? Let us know in the comments below.