Zoella Can SERIOUSLY Sing And Here's The Definitive Proof

26 April 2016, 15:14 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

zoella singing

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Prepare to be VERY impressed.

Zoella, AKA Zoe Sugg, is a woman of many, many talents. Since starting her YouTube channel back in 2007, Zoe has gone from girl making videos in her bedroom to an author, waxwork, beauty entrepreneur and idol to thousands of men and women around the world. If you thought there was no end to her talents then you'd be more than correct because, as some of you may well know, Zoe Sugg has an incredible set of lungs.

zoella singing

Of course, we don't mean that literally. It turns out Zoe is an incredible singer and we full on reckon she could bring out a single and have it hit number one in the charts. Zoe is no stranger to musical success, having appeared on Band Aid 30's charity single alongside boyfriend Alfie, brother Joe Sugg and legends Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Sam Smith.

Despite all of this, Zoe seems pretty shy when it comes to showing off her vocals and sadly hasn't uploaded a full video on her channel. But don't worry - we've managed to track down some of the best snippets and Snapchat moments so you don't miss out on her angelic voice.

From singing along to Little Mix to being silly with Caspar, prepare to be wowed by Zoe Sugg's singing.

On Snapchat

Zoe's BFF Mark Ferris have a habit of duetting and we certainly aren't complaining... We just want more.



On YouTube

Luckily, fans have made a whole host of compilation videos of Zoe working them vocal chords. Sit back, press play and enjoy.




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