Has Zoella Had A Boob Job? The YouTuber Responds To Surgery Rumours

24 July 2018, 13:27 | Updated: 24 July 2018, 13:29

Zoella denies having a boob job
Zoella denies having a boob job. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

Zoella was forced to deny having a boob job this week after a recent photo she posted to Instagram got tongues wagging online.

On July 23rd, Zoella posted a photo of herself on Brighton beach to Instagram. But what was intended to be a perfectly innocuous piece of content quickly turned into swirling rumours and frankly creepy comments about alleged secret plastic surgery.

Responding to the rumours, on Instagram Story Zoella put any questions about plastic surgery well and truly to bed.

"Yes my boobs look bigger in this pix because it was taken below me and the shadow has made them look bigger," she said.

Saying that there's "nothing wrong" with having a boob job, Zoella added that her bra wasn't "triple padded" in the photo, nor has she had surgery herself.

"Yes they've grown a bit this year as I'm on a new contraceptive pill," she added.

This isn't the first time Zoella has faced accusations about getting plastic surgery. In 2011 and 2014, Zoella had to deny that she'd had surgery, saying that "they've always been there, hiding underneath high necked tops and collared shirts."