Zoella responds to criticism over her ColourPop eyeshadow palette

1 March 2019, 19:50 | Updated: 1 March 2019, 19:59

People are calling out Zoella&squot;s ColourPop eyeshadow palette for being "boring"
People are calling out Zoella's ColourPop eyeshadow palette for being "boring". Picture: Zoella via Instagram, ColourPop via Instagram

After people called Zoe out for 'scamming' her fans with a "boring" eyeshadow palette, she appeared to respond with a comment on Instagram.

Zoe Sugg is facing another round of criticism over her latest collaboration with ColourPop.

In case you don't already know, Zoe has collaborated with American cosmetics brand ColourPop on a 'brunch inspired' collection. It's the first makeup collab she's ever done and she announced the news to her fans on Instagram, saying: "As most of you know, I’ve loved and used ColourPop for years (their eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks in particular are a staple for me) so I was delighted that they wanted to work with me on a collection!"

The collection is '70s inspired and features a 12-shade eyeshadow palette, pressed powders, liquid lipsticks and some gel lip liners.

But as always with anything that Zoe puts out, some people just HAD to find a problem with it.

Many people complained that the collection was "boring". Focusing on the eyeshadow palette in particular, which retails for £14, people called out the fact that all the shades were "the same colour" while one person claimed that she was "here to scam in the make up game."

(Can you really call it a ~scam~ if you can actually see what you're buying?! No one is tricking you! You can see the colours! You either buy it because you want it or you don't!)

Here are the swatches from the palette. As you can see, they are not all the same colour. Kylie Jenner also sells a palette with a very similar "boring" range of shades, which no one seems to have criticised.

(Actually, the Zoella x ColourPop one is aaaaalmost an exact copy of Kylie's but that's another story for another day... but the point still stands.)

Appearing to respond to the backlash surrounding the collection and explaining the reason why she decided to create an "everyday" eyeshadow palette for her fans in the first place, she wrote:

"I wanted it to be fun and useable for those of you who find it a bit overwhelming as well as those who know how to cut a sharp crease."

Fans of the collection were also quick to stand by Zoe:

Honestly? This round of backlash seems like a little bit of a reach. The collection is '70s inspired, it's very much within the colour scheme of the era and the theme (there's even a red lipstick in there for everyone who is pressed about the brunch berries!!!) And it's affordable!

Maybe some people want a "boring" selection of shades for every day use!? Maybe we don't all wanna wear yellows and lime greens out to brunch on a Sunday morning?!