Zoella's new book is being called a 'scam' by readers

22 October 2018, 11:24 | Updated: 22 October 2018, 11:25

Zoe Sugg Cordially Invited
Zoe Sugg is copping some backlash over her new book, 'Cordially Invited'. Picture: Instagram

By Chandni Sembhi

Zoella's latest book, Cordially Invited, is being torn apart for being a £20 book which tells readers how to go on walks.

Lifestyle YouTuber/vlogger Zoella hasn't had the easiest ride when it comes to anything she releases. Her first book, Girl Online, caused drama when people found out that the book had been ghostwritten, and then her advent calendar was criticised for it's initial £50 price tag. Now, she's back to being criticised by the public again over her latest book, Cordially Invited.

Cordially Invited is a book aiming to teach readers how to host the perfect party for any occasion. It's filled with how-to's, recipes, and crafting tips. It looks cute, there's tons of pages, true fans will love it but others have pointed out that some of the recipes are already available on her blog, or in videos, and the how-to's just really aren't impressive. For the £20 price tag, it doesn't seem like much bang for your buck. Understandably, fans are NOT HAPPY about this, and Zoe has now been nicknamed 'Scamella'.

Here's a summary of the Amazon reviews below:

Maybe telling your readers 'how to go for a walk' isn't the most life changing of ideas, but surely the rest of the book must have something substantial? Mmmmaybe not...

Some fans are angry that even after the overpriced advent calendar drama, she's still charging £20 for this book which doesn't seem to have any valid or actually helpful tips. Others have pointed out that the reason there are so many filler pages, and things like how-to's on going for a walk, may be because she just needed to reach a minimum page count or word count.

Some people have even tried to guess what Zoe's next non-fiction book will be.

Some of Zoe's fans have defended her, with one fan saying the book is more of a collectible item than an actual book to use for hosting parties.

YouTube commentary channel, iNabberTV has also defended the book, saying people are just looking for an excuse to hate.

Are you going to buy Zoe's new book? If you have it already, what do you think?