Zoella Has Finally Revealed Why She's Been Offline For So Long

8 January 2018, 09:38 | Updated: 8 January 2018, 09:52

Zoella. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

The YouTuber has been offline since Christmas

Two weeks is a lifetime on the internet, so when the UK's most recognisable vlogger takes a fortnight away from social media, fans can sometimes get a little concerned about their absence.

But in the case of Zoella, fans needn't worry. The YouTuber, who last posted to Twitter on Christmas Day, has finally explained why she's been absent on all platforms for the past couple of weeks.

Taking to Instagram stories to reach out to fans, Zoella explained, "I spent the last few weeks recovering from flu, having Xmas and most importantly an internet detox, which I do every year (I think of it like charging my brain battery)."

Last winter saw Zoella receive negative publicity for her association with the widely-panned YouTube convention Hello World, as well as her 12 Days Of Christmas Advent Calendar, which some fans described as "exploitative" due to it's initial £50 price tag and fairly naff contents. With that in mind, a little hibernating time before a fresh start in 2018 is totally understandable.

It's not just famous vloggers who could use some time offline

Digital addiction is a thing, as we reported back in May last year. So don't forget to take some time away from the screen too. You'll thanks later.