Zoella Reveals How Being "Screwed Over" Makes It Hard For Her To Trust People

1 August 2018, 11:57

Zoella. Picture: Zoe Sugg // Instagram

By Josh Lee

Zoella explained all in a recent Instagram Q&A

Zoella has revealed that she sometimes finds it hard to trust people in the YouTube world after some unpleasant experiences in the past.

During an Instagram Q&A, the YouTuber was asked if she ever found it difficult to trust people, being in the industry she's in. Explaining that trust never used to be an issue, Zoella revealed that after being "screwed over a few times," she's "a bit more guarded."

"I work with and meet a lot of people all the time and I wear my heart on my sleeve and am very personal with situations, which, when it comes down to business, isn't always the way other people work." Zoe explained. "I'm definitely a bit tougher now though!" she added. "As I said before, you learn from bad experiences."

But despite a few bad experiences, Zoe still feels that there are positives to her line of work: "I'm able to make people feel less alone and bring some positivity," she said when asked what she likes most about her job.

And, luckily, she has people around her that help her navigate the business side of things - particularly boyfriend Alfie Deyes, who she says has given her "some of the best business advice" she's received.