Zoe Sugg just filmed her smear test to raise awareness for cervical cancer

30 August 2019, 16:52 | Updated: 30 August 2019, 16:57

Zoe Sugg takes viewers into her smear test to raise awareness
Zoe Sugg takes viewers into her smear test to raise awareness. Picture: Zoe Sugg via YouTube

Zoe decided to make the video to "help encourage more women to book and attend their cervical screenings."

If you had said to me back in 2013 that I would one day hear the sentence “Today is the day I film myself getting a smear test” uttered in one of Zoella's YouTube videos, I would not have believed you. But today was that day, friends, and Zoe Sugg has just used her platform to provide invaluable information to millions of young women.

Yep, Zoe shared a 43-minute video where she breaks down all the most asked questions, common anxieties and misconceptions about having a smear test - and also shares her own experience of having one on camera too.

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In the description, Zoe explains that the video was born out of a meeting with Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust earlier this year.

"I wanted to do something to help encourage more women to book and attend their cervical screenings here in the UK as statistics had shown that 1 in 4 women skip the cervical screening, with the proportion increasing to 1 in 3 among those aged 25 to 29 and to 1 in 2 in some more deprived regions of the UK."

Zoe explains that she thought filming her experience might help other women feel reassured before attending their first test, and help them understand what actually happens during one.

Zoe also includes a warning to viewers right at the start that the video contains raw conversations about cervical screenings and cervical cancer which might not be for everyone - so please watch with caution.

In the video, Zoe sits down with Nurse Jenny to run through some of the most asked questions that she received from her followers on Instagram. Jenny answers them all, and then runs through what actually happens during a smear test.

Following that, Zoe then films her own smear test which takes less than a minute. Then she sits back down with Jenny to discuss what happens next. At the end of the video, Zoe sits down in her office for a quick roundtable discussion about the whole thing with her co-workers and their own experiences.

In case you're wondering, Zoe will be donating the money raised from Adsense on this video to Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust. If you would like more information on the trust, click here.